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Myriad to Present Multiple Women's Health Studies at the 2019 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Meeting  Associated Press

Press release *content* from Globe Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Screening for breech presentation using universal late-pregnancy ultrasonography: A prospective cohort study and cost effectiveness analysis  PLoS Blogs

In their cohort study, David Wastlund and colleagues find that universal ultrasound scanning for breech presentation near term is associated with reduced ...

Myriad Women's Health to Highlight New Studies Demonstrating the Superior Clinical Performance of the Foresight® and Prequel™ Prenatal Tests  BioSpace

Published: Apr 02, 2019. SALT LAKE CITY, April 2, 2019 –Myriad Genetics, Inc.,. (NASDAQ: MYGN), a global leader in personalized medicine, today announced ...

New UW study suggests infection during pregnancy leads to increased risk for autism and depression  Dailyuw

A new study by researchers at the UW School of Medicine and Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden found children whose mothers were hospitalized with infection ...

Top Gene-Sequencing Stocks for 2019  The Motley Fool

These next-generation companies are working on game-changing ways to obtain and profit from genetic insight.

Wonder within wonder  Penn: Office of University Communications

Penn Medicine's uterus transplant trial offers hope for a rare form of infertility—and at the same time, has the potential to unlock a deeper understanding of the ...

Driving the Adoption of ABUS With AI Technology  Imaging Technology News

Imaging Technology News spoke with Bob Foley, vice president of sales and marketing of QView Medical, Inc., about the latest technology in automated breast ...

Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs And Health  Health Affairs

Home visiting programs, which provide new and expectant parents with information, support, and referrals to community resources and services, promote good ...

How Can Indiana Support New Moms And Babies? State Health Commissioner Weighs In  WVXU

Panelists at Side Effects Public Media's two-part Happier Birth Days conversation answered viewer questions about maternal and infant health disparities in.

5 Top Healthcare Stocks to Buy in 2019  The Motley Fool

Healthcare is hot, and these top healthcare stocks could be among the hottest of them all this year.

Meat Processing Is A Dangerous Job. It's About to Get A Lot Worse.  TalkPoverty

About three and a half seconds. That's how long inspectors currently have to check a pig carcass for lesions, hair, infected organs, or fecal matter before it's sent ...

3 High-Growth Genomics Stocks You Can Buy  Yahoo News

These fast-growing companies are leveraging advances in genetic insight in ways that could pay off big for investors.

Gag me with a spoon  New Times SLO

In November 2017, I wrote about the vital role played by Planned Parenthood—vital to women, vital to men, vital to families, vital to our communities. In fact ...

PreSeek can complement genetic disease prenatal screening  Baylor College of Medicine News

In 2017, Baylor Genetics introduced the first clinical non-invasive prenatal multigene sequencing screen, PreSeek™, to the commercial market. The Baylor ...

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Luminus Prenatal Screening - Standard Medical Systems LLC
Luminus’ tests help healthcare professionals give expectant parents accurate information about common fetal aneuploidies. 1-4 Conventional prenatal screening methods using serum proteins and ultrasound have higher false-positive rates compared to the Luminus’ tests.1-4 The low false-positive rate of Luminus compared to traditional tests may minimize anxiety and invasive procedures caused ...

Prenatal Screening Tests: Types, Diagnosis, and Takeaways
Prenatal screening tests are a set of procedures that are performed during pregnancy on expectant mothers to determine whether a baby is likely to have specific birth defects. Most of these tests ...

Prenatal Testing: Routine Tests and Genetic Testing - WebMD
When you’re pregnant, prenatal tests give you information about your health and your baby’s. They help detect any problems that could affect him, like birth defects or genetic diseases. The ...

Newborn Screening Reagents | PerkinElmer
Use the highest quality reagents available today to screen for core newborn disorders as well as those detected by expanded screening. Our reagents are the industry standard for analytical performance and reliability in detecting congenital diseases that are treatable only when identified during the first days of life.

Maternal & Fetal Health | PerkinElmer
PerkinElmer is a global company focused on improving the health and safety of people and their environment. Within the field of fetal and maternal healthcare, PerkinElmer offers complete screening solutions including instrumentation, reagents and risk calculation software for early detection of pregnancy related anomalies.

Prenatal Testing - American Pregnancy Association
Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (NIPP) Non-invasive prenatal paternity test is the safest testing for you and baby during pregnancy. If you need to know the father of your child and are not having twins, learn how it works and where to get it done.

2017 Prenatal/Perinatal Health Guidelines
2017 Prenatal/Perinatal Health Guidelines 8 Patients should be counseled regarding exercise, weight, nutrition, prevention of HIV infection, abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs use before and during pregnancy, determining the time of conception by accurate menstrual history, folic acid

Why do pregnant women accept or decline prenatal diagnosis ...
The prenatal screening systems employed in Sweden is similar to that of many other healthcare systems within Europe. In the Uppsala region, both invasive tests and combined ultrasound and biochemistry (CUB) test are available to pregnant women.

Research Group of Dr. Giovanna Lalli, King’s College London
Dr. Giovanna Lalli is a Lecturer in Molecular Neurobiology at the Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases, King’s College London. Giovanna's research team is interested in the cytoskeletal and signalling mechanisms that regulate stem cell-derived neural progenitor migration and differentiation.

αlpha - Antenatal (Prenatal) screening software for Down's ...
Improved screening performance. αlpha 8 uses measurements of first trimester placental growth factor for Down's syndrome screening. When used with the Integrated test 95% of Down's syndrome cases can be detected with a false positive rate of 0.6% - a screening performance similar to that reported for maternal plasma DNA sequencing methods.

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